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Digital city drive, digital technology services for urban transportation
Release time: 2023-10-09
Digital transportation is an important part of the digital city. With the development of the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, digital technology has been playing an increasingly important role in alleviating traffic congestion and optimizing travel services.

The Digital Transport "14th Five-Year Plan" issued by the Ministry of Transport puts forward the overall task of digital transport development in China during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. Under the guidance of policies and driven by technology, China's digital transportation construction has ushered in a critical period, and the development of digital transportation industrialization has entered the fast lane. With the deep integration of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, Beidou and other new generation of information technologies and transportation, the expressway began to enter a new era of —— smart expressway era.

01. Development status and trend of highway informatization in China

The information construction and development of the highway in China has mainly experienced the following four stages: the first stage is the construction of monitoring charging and networking system infrastructure, the assets along the highway; the second stage is the national networking and the cancellation of the provincial toll stations; the third stage is the national charging system networking; the video cloud networking stage is the application of AI technology; the fourth stage is the comprehensive intelligent stage, namely the intelligent expressway stage.

In order to implement the requirements of the Outline of Building a Transport Power, the Overall Layout Plan for The Construction of Digital China and the 14th Five-Year Development Plan for Digital Transport, the Ministry of Transport actively promotes the digital transformation of the whole process of highway construction, maintenance and operation.
Under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport, around built a batch of intelligent highway project, a large number of applications of video monitoring, flow monitoring, meteorological monitoring and intelligent perception technology, actively explore road synergy, beidou navigation system, high precision electronic map and other new technology application, in the perception of early warning ability, comprehensive management application platform, security and travel service made beneficial exploration, has made great progress.
At present, the Ministry of Transport is organizing the drafting of policy documents on highway digitalization and smart highway construction, strengthening the guidance of smart highway construction projects, deepening the demonstration of technical solutions, and accelerating the construction of smart highway.

02.The construction of smart and high-speed technology brings huge business opportunities

Smart expressway is the focus and power point of the construction of smart transportation and transportation power, and has been the focus of attention inside and outside the industry. Up to now, many smart expressways have been built in China. The completion of these smart expressways marks that China's smart expressways are moving towards the direction of high-quality development, and will soon usher in large-scale and industrialized development.

Different from the traditional expressways to meet the needs of toll collection and management, the smart expressways put more emphasis on the digitalization and intelligence of management and service. As can be seen from the built smart expressways, advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of vehicles, vehicle-road collaboration, Beidou high-precision positioning, blockchain and supercomputing have all been deeply integrated in smart high-speed scenarios.
The intelligent application of intelligent expressway has reached a high level in both scope and depth, while bringing huge business opportunities for related industries.

03.The World Digital City Conference will help with the development of the digital transportation industry

In order to drive the integrated development of digital transportation and digital city, the 19th China International Society Public Security Expo (referred to as "CPSE Safety Expo") and the Global Digital City Industry Expo and the World Digital City Conference 2023 will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on October 25-28,2023. With the theme of "Connecting the World to Feel the Future", the conference is closely related to the construction of digital city, digital economy, digital industry and digital China, focusing on displaying the new technologies, new products and new solutions of intelligent security in the digital transformation of thousands of industries.
ZhongAnke actively participates in the construction of smart city, and its subsidiary Jiangsu Zhongke Intelligent System Co., Ltd. has been committed to creating better urban intelligent transportation solutions.
In the past service cases, combining digital twin, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced digital technologies, we have built a digital base and evaluation model, combining AI algorithm and prediction algorithm system operation platform, to strengthen the monitoring and analysis of traffic conditions, and improve efficiency and security.

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