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Hong Kong, a subsidiary of China Anke: The comprehensive bedridden life sign monitoring system for the elderly won the silver award of Intelligent Age Generation Award
Release time: 2023-10-12
Recently, the monitoring system of the elderly in Hong Kong, a subsidiary of China Anke, won the silver award of health service and quality life in the second Intelligent Age Generation Award (2022).

The Smart Age Generation Awards, organized by the Golden Age Foundation (GAF), aim to recognize companies and organizations with quality services, products and projects that have made outstanding contributions to the Golden Age.

Liang Taikang, director of Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Zhongtech, accepted the award and was invited to attend the event to share innovative ideas and experiences with corporate executives, professionals and representatives from different industries.
Wei 'an's comprehensive bedridden life sign monitoring system can detect subtle fibrillation such as heartbeat, breathing and movement around the clock. When a sign exceeds the normal level, the sensor can show the bedridden person to leave the bed and issue an alarm in real time to remind the responsible person to follow up. The system can plug and play, and wifi support remote monitoring. It is highly cost-effective for nursing facilities (e. g., nursing homes and hospitals) requiring a large number of beds.

Liang Taikang said that it is a great honor to win the silver award of the Smart Age Generation Award. Wei 'an has been committed to enriching the society and people's lives through innovative ideas and technology applications, and will continue to use science and technology to make more contributions to the society and create a safer and more healthy life.

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